Doubled Haploid Facility

The development of homozygous lines is an important, but time-consuming process in plant breeding and research. The induction and subsequent doubling of haploids is an efficient alternative to generate homozygous offspring in 2 generations.

The Doubled Haploid Facility (DHF) started in 2010 to provide this service for maize to ISU scientists, but is also open to other academic researchers and breeders. The start-up phase was supported by the Department of Agronomy.

The mission of DHF is to:

  • Provide expertise and service in the production of doubled haploid lines in maize
  • Improve the technology in order to get higher success rates and lower costs
  • Teach and train scientists and students

The Doubled Haploid Workshop - 2024, August 1/2

The DH workshop 2024 will be held beginning of August - please follow the links for more workshop information and workshop registration.